The express
data labeling platform.

Fast Training and Validation Data Platform for AI Teams

Ango Hub

 Ango Hub is our in-house training data annotation platform,
used to manage the entire annotation lifecycle from beginning to end.
The platform ensures fast, human-powered training and validation data for AI teams.

Annotation for Every Use Case


Bounding Boxes, Classification, Cuboid, Lines & Splines, Point, Polygon, and Semantic Segmentation.


Bounding Boxes, Classification, Cuboid, Lines & Splines, Point, Polygon, Segmentation, and Transcription



Named Entity Recognition, Classification, Transcription, and Data Collection.

3D Sensor

Cuboid, Point Cloud Segmentation, and 2D-3D Object Linking

Cuboid annotation with Ango Hub.

Fully Managed Platform

Speed doesn’t have to compromise quality. Ango’s trained labelers are managed throughout, ensuring your team can access quality data in a fraction of the time.


We assign project managers and domain experts to suit your project needs, ensuring the end-to-end management of your entire task.


We have a dedicated team of 20+ annotators and growing, trained to use Ango Hub and available to deliver your labeling projects on demand.

Trusting Us

Here’s why our customers trust us


We’re known for delivering high- quality SLAs that meet the needs of the most complex AI projects.


Trust is paramount. We follow leading security principles for both our technology platform and physical spaces.


From determining your training data strategy to delivering turnkey, annotated data to feed your algorithms, we’re here to grow with you.


Our AI-Assisted Ango Hub platform provides more cost-effective solutions for our clients.

24/7 Support

We are here to help you throughout your AI project life cycle, always.


We deliver what we promise, when we promise.

“Ango enables our engineering team to focus on developing mission critical AI driven technologies rather than the operations of labeling data. The Ango platform provides the technology and operations to power our machine learning development and is our trusted training data solution.”
Prof. Süleyman Serdar Kozat

CEO, DataBoss

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the fastest data labeling platform for AI teams.

We believe that at this stage, artificial minds are still babies, learning the world from us humans. We are committed to accelerate AI’s understanding of the world by providing AI teams with the most time-efficient training data there can be.