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Product Development

Back-End Developer

Job Description

You will be responsible for building the backend architecture and infrastructure on which our products can be built and iterated rapidly. You’ll own how data flows throughout the AngoHub platform. We’re looking for people with

  • A strong background or interest in building scalable cloud systems,
  • Data-intensive applications and,
  • Machine learning infrastructure.


  • Design server-side architecture,
  • Build systems capable of handling millions of data every day, making it available to both our workforce and our internal teams with high availability and speed,
  • Develop and design RESTful services and APIs,
  • Design and implementation of data storage solutions,
  • Optimize currently used databases and queries,
  • Prepare development and production environment with CI/CD pipeline,
  • Propose, design, build, and deploy security improvements across our platform,
  • Organize, plan, and action on an infrastructure roadmap including areas such as cloud and on-premises infrastructure.


  • 2+ years of industry experience,
  • Experience with backend software using modern language and frameworks (NodeJS, Java, Python),
  • Strong knowledge of MongoDB and PostgreSQL,
  • Hands-on experience architecting and developing all aspects of horizontally scalable, secure, fast and highly available RESTful web services,
  •  Experience with CI/CD management,
  • Working with open-source technologies such as Redis, Elasticsearch, and RabbitMQ,
  • Experience with containerization platforms like Docker and orchestration like Kubernetes,
  • Knowledge in Linux OS and shell scripting,
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.


  • Working with a hybrid model,
  • Acquiring an entrepreneurial mindset by helping shape a rapidly growing start-up,
  • Working with a young and dynamic team,
  • Working on AI processes that are (literally) changing the world, with massive impact on shaping of the future of technology.

About Us:

At Ango, our mission is to gather human minds with the best data annotation tools that drive the leading-edge innovations for AI training processes. We believe that artificial minds are still babies learning the world through our human intelligence. We are committed to teach our understanding of the world to AI by preparing the highest resolution, error-free and time-efficient training data.

We aim for every member at Ango to live in a way that represents their true personality rather than put on a “work persona”. You can and should be your authentic self everyday so that we all can do our best work and unleash our full potential.

Full Stack Web Developer

Job Description

You will be responsible for design and development of our end-to-end data labeling platform which requires highly creative user experience and interface along with well designed backend architecture. We want people who demonstrate thought leadership, great execution skills and most importantly a great passion for delivering incredible products.


  • Design client-side and server-side architecture
  • Build the front-end of applications through appealing visual design,
  • Translating designs and wireframes into high quality code,
  • Develop and manage well-functioning databases and applications,
  • Develop and design RESTful services and APIs
  • Ensure that non-functional requirements such as security, performance, maintainability, scalability, usability, and reliability are being considered when architecting solutions


  • 2+ years of experience in full stack web development,
  • MERN stack experience,
  • Proficiency with fundamental front end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript,
  • Experience with Javascript test frameworks (e.g., Jest.js)
  • Expert Level Knowledge of ReactJS,
  • Proficiency with Node.js and the most common packages in the ecosystem,
  • Proficiency with API Creation and RESTful CRUD services,
  • Proficiency with database technology such as MongoDB, MySQL etc.
  • Experience using Docker and AWS to build and deploy applications in production,
  • Hands-on experience architecting and developing all aspects of horizontally scalable, secure, fast and highly available web apps

Preferred mindset:

  • BS Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or related technical field or equivalent practical experience,
  • An analytical, problem solving and grit mindset to deliver results,
  • Commitment to reach full personal potential,
  • Growth mindset,
  • Self-management


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