The end-to-end labeling service for all industries.

Fully-managed labeling experts at your disposal, for healthcare, banking, insurance, and more.

Healthcare, banking, insurance, and defense companies have chosen Ango Service to annotate their mission critical data.

Here’s how we do it.

Step 1

We receive all or part of your data with S3, Google Cloud Storage, FTP, NAS, or even with a hard drive shipped to our address.

Step 2

As soon as we get the data, we immediately get to work on a subset of it.


As we work, we iterate with you on the labels done so far, and refine the labeling instructions.

Step 3
Step 3


When we agree on the labeling instructions, we start labeling the rest of the dataset.


At any moment, you can check our progress and download the labels we’ve done.

Step 4

As we label your dataset, we run the annotations through our in-house, semi-automated quality assurance pipeline.


Our systems detect potentially incorrect labels, and if they do, we annotate them again, free of charge.

Step 5

As soon as the data is ready, we deliver it to you in our flexible Ango Hub JSON format, which you can then mold to suit your own needs.

No bad labels.

Labeling is just the first step.

As our workforce creates labels, we run them through our proprietary quality assurance process. And if we find bad ones, we do them again, for free.


Our philosophy is simple: no bad label gets out.

Vetted Workforce

As ML models get used in production, a bad label is as critical as a software bug.


You wouldn’t let a crowd write your code.


Every single one of our labelers is fully vetted and individually managed, trained, and reviewed.

Platform for quality and speed

We don’t just label with our own workforce, we label with our own software.


We develop Ango Hub with two guiding principles: labeling quality and speed.

Your data is your data. Period.

Security is at the foundation of everything we do.


Our customers range from startups to national security agencies, each with their own unique security needs.


Choose exactly how our workforce will label your data: we have options ranging from a completely remote workforce to a secure facility with 24/7 CCTV.


And if you want to label with your own workforce on your own premises, we can provide that too.

Full Transparency

No secrets between us.

At any moment, you can access our labeling dashboard and see everything about your project: progress, labels per day, labeling speed, labeling quality, and more. You can even see exactly who labeled what, when, and where.

A project that scales with you.

Our workforce is flexible and always-growing. It can grow when you need to.


Start small, then scale 100x as the need arises.