Ango Hub

The versatile data labeling platform for the entire annotation lifecycle.

One Platform for All Labeling Types

Image, video, text, audio, PDF, and more.

Image Annotation

Leverage ML-assisted labeling tools for fast and accurate annotations including 2D and 3D bounding boxes, polygons, polylines, landmarks, key-points, and semantic segmentation.

    Video Annotation

    Enhance visual intelligence for computer vision models with ML-assisted tools to enable object detection and tracking across multiple frames in a sequence.

    Text Annotation

    Ango Hub offers the most intuitive interface for all of your Natural Language Processing-related tasks, including text classification, named-entity recognition, machine translation, and dependency parsing.

    Audio Annotation

    Ango Hub fully supports all audio-related tasks, such as classification, entity recognition, speech-to-text, sentiment analysis, and more.

    PDF Annotation

    Annotate PDF documents from Ango Hub natively, without having to convert them to image first.

    Label by highlighting or draw areas and let our OCR do the rest. 

    Best-In-Class Data Labeling Software

    Ango Hub: the latest in data labeling platforms, with all the features you need.

    On-Premise Deployment

    Some of our customers need to control the entire labeling flow, end-to-end. For them, Ango Hub can be installed directly on the server, for maximum performance.

    Project Management

    Placing the labels is just part of the whole story. Manage your labeling team directly from Ango Hub: it has all the tools you need to oversee your workforce, performance, and more..

    Lean User Interface

    We develop fast and iterate faster. Our UX is designed to be quick and easy to adopt, but powerful enough to support all workflows.

    AI ASsistance

    What if annotators could place an entire label with just one click? With AI Assistance they can, and much more.

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