Ango Hub

Our data annotation platform for the entire annotation lifecycle.

Image Annotation

Leverage ML-assisted labeling tools for fast and accurate annotations including 2D and 3D bounding boxes, polygons, polylines, landmarks, key-points, and semantic segmentation.

    Video Annotation

    Enhance visual intelligence for computer vision models with ML-assisted tools to enable object detection and tracking across multiple frames in a sequence.

    Text Annotation

    Ango Hub offers the most intuitive interface for all of your Natural Language Processing-related tasks, including text classification, named-entity recognition, machine translation, and dependency parsing.

    3D Sensor Data Annotation

    Improve 3D computer vision model accuracy with multi-sensor annotations for camera, LiDAR and radar, including 3D bounding boxes, 2D-3D linking, and point cloud segmentation.

    Audio Annotation

    Ango Hub fully supports all audio-related tasks, such as classification, entity recognition, speech-to-text, sentiment analysis, and more.

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