Medical Data Labeling Solutions

Medical data labeling requires highly trained specialists, strict regulatory compliance, support for uncommon file types, and strong collaboration features to ensure every annotator is accountable for the quality of the data.


Ango AI provides all of them.

Ango Hub is the medical data labeling platform built from the ground-up for healthcare professionals who need high quality labels, at scale.


Label medical data with your own team. With native support for DICOM, TIFF, Ultrasound, X-Rays, CT Scans and others, as well as a range of 20+ labeling tools, you’ll never need to look for another labeling platform again.


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Ango AI provides Ango Service, the end-to-end medical data annotation service for projects of all sizes and security requirements of all types.


Send us your data and tell us how to label it. Our highly specialized medical annotation workforce will label it according to your spec. We then send you the annotations as fast as we can make them.


And if your data can’t leave your server, our labeling workforce can connect to you through VPN.


We keep in touch with you as often as you want, to perform regular checks on the quality of the data, speed, and more.


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Ango Hub is built with medical labeling in mind, supporting DICOM, annotation, strong collaboration, consensus and accountability features, and more. Plus, it’s designed to be familiar to those who have used DICOM viewers for years, so you’ll feel right at home.


Beyond DICOM, Ango Hub natively supports annotating ultrasound, MRIs, NIFTI, x-rays, and CTs, among others. It’s possible to classify, segment, draw bounding boxes and much more.


Ango Hub focuses obsessively on annotation quality over everything. Because we know that when labeling medical data, every annotation is critical.


Ango Hub is available as a hosted service on the cloud accessible from, built in such a way that your data never leaves your cloud storage. It is also available as an on-premise installation on your own datacenter if required.


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Privacy and security does not take a backseat at Ango, especially when it comes to sensitive data such as medical imaging.


Ango AI’s entire labeling infrastructure was built with security in mind from the bottom-up. So you know your data is in good hands.


When annotating medical imagery, by law, all datasets need to have an accurate history of who labeled what, when, and more. Ango Hub integrates all these requirements. And when there are annotators labeling medical data, strict rules are in place at the location where the labeling takes place.


For any questions regarding our security practices in general, feel free to contact Our data security team will be glad to answer any queries you might have.


See the Security at Ango AI PDF.

Whether you choose to annotate the data yourself with Ango Hub, or to have us label it with Ango Service, you have chosen a solution that scales with your project.


Ango Hub is built for strong collaboration, for labeling teams ranging from one to thousands of labelers. It’s been used to create millions of annotations, so you know it’s stable.


Historically, it’s been hard to scale medical data annotation projects, usually due to inflexibility in the availability of medical annotation workforce. With Ango Service, we have created workflows that allow us to tap into a large pool of highly vetted medical professionals, on demand.


So no matter whether your project is a thousand or a million labels, your annotations will come out at a high quality and on time, too.