The all-in-one platform for medical data annotation

From CT Scans to X-Rays, from patient records to cough sounds, Ango Hub allows you to get the most out of your data.

Trusting Ango AI for their data labeling needs:

Screenshot of Ango Hub being used to label 3D data.
Built for Healthcare
Ango Hub was built from the ground-up for medical professionals who need high quality labels, at scale.

With native support for DICOM, TIFF, Ultrasound, X-Rays, CT Scans and others, as well as a range of 20+ labeling tools, you'll never need to look for another labeling platform again.
Screenshot of Ango Hub being used to label medical records
Security, Front and Center
Ango AI's entire labeling infrastructure was designed with security in mind, from top to bottom.

Keep your assets in a private bucket, and give Hub only the minimum, temporary authentication needed to display them. And if you need, you can install Ango Hub on-premises in your air-gapped environment, too. In all cases, we cannot see your data.

Our security team is always available to talk at
From One to Thousands of Annotators
Labeling is better together.

Have multiple labelers annotate the same asset, open issues that everyone can see, and upload labeling instructions for all.

Ango Hub works for projects of all sizes, from one to thousands of annotators working on the same dataset.


A platform that adapts to you

Host your own data privately in your own cloud storage. Stream assets directly into Hub
when you need, and load your finished labels into your model with one click.


Google Cloud Platform





Use Cases

One platform. Infinite uses.

Book a demo with our team and see every way in which Hub can help you in your healthcare labeling journey.


Developer-friendly. All the way.

An infrastructure built by developers, for developers. Integrate Hub into your workflow with our APIs and SDKs.

A fully-fledged API and SDK

Do everything from our API if you need to. Connect and integrate with your existing workflows, access your labels from the CLI and more.

Everything thoroughly documented

Ango Hub sports a documentation that’s as complete as it can be. With our docs, you’ll never be alone. And if you do need help, we’re a mail away.

“We found working with the Ango team professional, progressive, and scalable. We appreciate how the Ango team proactively seeks feedback and holds themselves accountable. Their QA team is careful, quick, and responsive, and their high-quality work has led to impactful and timely results.”

Saman Nouranian
Director of AI Research at WEIR Motion Metrics

"We are glad to have found Ango AI as a partner for handling our data. The culture that they have developed is based on responsibility, proactiveness and professionalism and we have seen this through all the interactions with their team. We’re excited to deliver a lot more to our clients, by working with Ango AI. Highly recommend!"

Cristi Pogan
Co-Founder of Polymore

"We appreciate working with the Ango team. They are proactive in terms of seeking feedback and holding themselves accountable. We feel the professional companionship of Ango with their enthusiasm, practicality, and attention to detail that supports our business."

Yağız Demirsoy
Senior Product Engineering Manager at Hepsiburada

"Since starting to work with Ango AI, being able to take advantage of their labeling service within a secure network allowed us to get better results, faster."


"Thank you for the hard and professional work by the Ango AI team. The process has been very smooth, and you have all responded very well to our project requirements. We will definitely use your services again, and we will recommend your services to anyone we know who might need labelling in the future."

Joshua Thompson


Ango Hub is the versatile data annotation platform for projects of any size.

You can check out our page on G2 and SourceForge or SlashDot to see what people had to say about us.

Yes, Ango Hub is built to allow you and your team to perform annotation tasks of any type and size. In the Cloud and On-Prem plans, there are no limits to how many people and assets you can have in your labeling projects.

Yes, we provide a fully-managed data labeling service with an immediately scalable workforce, for projects of any size and difficulty. Check out our Ango Service page for more information.

Yes, our Ango Hub On-Prem package is what you’re looking for. We set up Ango Hub on your server in less than 15 minutes (we use Kubernetes) and you can start labeling immediately with your own team. If you need to scale, upon request, our fully-managed labeling workforce can connect to your server via VPN and help you to label your data.

We support text, audio, image, video, multi-page images, and native PDF annotation.

Check out our Ango Hub page for a complete list of our labeling tools, but shortly, everything your team may need, from the usual points and polygons to more esoteric rotated bounding boxes, tables, and more.

Yes. We have a free plan with which you can try out the platform for yourself. Simply go to and sign up now, no credit card required. Limited to five users, 2000 lifetime assets, and 10k lifetime annotations.

No. Users of our Ango Hub On-Prem plan can tap into Ango Hub’s ever growing fully-managed labeling workforce. If you ever need to scale your team quickly, or if you want to switch to outsourcing your data labeling tasks, contact us and our annotators will connect to your platform via VPN, and become part of your labeling team.

Yes. Built into Ango Hub are consensus and review features helping to make sure the quality of your labels stays high. You can have up to 30 people annotating the same asset: Ango Hub will calculate the consensus between them and tell you whether or not the labels agree. Plus, you can have a reviewer double checking the result.

Users of our Free and Cloud plans have two options: they can import the data to Ango Hub (therefore to our cloud servers) or they can directly annotate data they store on a cloud storage service (e.g. S3, R2, GCP.) In this second case, your data does not get uploaded to our servers and it remains stored in your cloud storage of choice.

Users of our On-Prem package can choose to label data directly from their server, or to import data they are storing on a cloud storage service. In both cases we have no access to the data.

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