Mask Detection Open Dataset

400+ Labeled Images of People

Our workforce has labeled over four hundred images of people, detecting their faces, what direction the face was facing, whether the faces contained a mask, and whether or not the mask was used correctly.

Both the images and the labels are free for you to download and use in your own projects.

Each image has been independently labeled by two of our labelers, and then manually reviewed by one of our expert reviewers. Our labelers combined annotated a total of 7212 faces, 4819 of which were looking straight, with the rest evenly split between looking to the side and away.

Among the 7212 mask labels, 5079 were wearing their mask correctly, 200 incorrectly, and in the rest of the cases the mask was either off or not visible.

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Some Dataset Statistics

Experts Checking Each Image


Average Consensus Between Labelers

Times our Annotators Labeled a Mask

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