Document annotation for the next generation.

On the cloud, on your server, or fully managed. Label without compromise.

Native PDF Annotation

Other platforms ask you to convert your PDFs to images. This lowers your documents’ quality and slows your pipeline down.

Not with Ango Hub. Label PDFs natively directly from the platform, no conversion needed.

And if you do need to annotate images, we support that, too.


No limit to file size. Or speed.

Annotate multi-page documents, in PDF, JPG, PNG, or TIFF format.

There is no limit to how many pages your files can have. And with our bleeding edge integration of front and back end, your pages load instantly. Waiting around is a thing of the past.

Complex labels, made simple.

Some documents just have a lot of information to be labeled. With many labeling tools, it can get confusing pretty quickly.

Introducing Table Labeling on Ango Hub. Create many complex relations in an instant, with an easy yet powerful interface.


Built for OCR.

Sometimes, PDFs have no text layer. That doesn’t mean labeling has to stop.

Ango Hub has a built-in OCR module to automatically extract text from your labels.

And if you have already done the OCR and just want to import your tokens, Ango Hub supports that too.

An export that’s easy to parse.

A high quality export format is just as important as the annotations themselves.

Ango Hub exports your labels in a simple to parse JSON format, which you can then easily mold into the format you need.


Labeling that adapts to you

Whether you need maximum speed, total control, or minimum effort,
we have a solution for you. 


Start labeling directly from your browser, with no installation required. Just open a URL and invite your team over.


Install Ango Hub directly on your datacenter. You’ll control the pipeline end-to-end, you’ll get maximum performance, and your data will never leave your server.


Send us your data, tell us how to label it, and get your labels from us, quickly and at a super high quality. It’s that simple.

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