One platform for all your training data

Ango Hub is the quality-first platform for projects of any size.

Image Annotation

A lean interface for image annotation, with all the features you need.

Bounding Box
Nested Classification

UX for Speed and Quality

Our UX principles are simple: labeling speed and quality. Easy enough to be fast, powerful enough for great workflows.

Customizable Labeling Interface

Annotators should feel at home when doing their job. And now, they can. Hide the panels you don’t need and keep open the ones you do.

Nested Questions and Classifications

Drawing annotations is just the beginning. Ask questions about that label, then ask some more according to the answers.

AI Assistance

With Hub’s built-in AI Assistants, repetitive tasks are a thing of the past.

Document Annotation

Annotate your documents with extensive features for native PDF annotation. Having to convert your PDFs into images is a thing of the past.

Bounding Box
Nested Classification

Native PDF Annotation

Converting PDFs into images for labeling is a thing of the past. Label PDFs directly.

Multi Page Annotation

There’s no size or page limit to what you can annotate on Ango Hub.

Table Labeling

Annotating long documents can get complex. With our table labeling, it’s as easy as a click.


Do OCR on your own? You can import tokens. Want to do it on Ango Hub directly? You can.

Text Annotation

The text annotation platform built for flexibility.

Do NER or ask conditional questions about the text, as many as you want.

Entity Extraction
Nested Classification

Relation for Complex NLP Projects

NER can get complex. With our interface, connecting two labels is just two clicks.

Intuitive UX

Labeling text works exactly as you’d expect. Your labelers will be onboarded from day one.

Nested Classifications

Ask your workforce questions about each label or a test, then ask some more.

Audio Annotation

The snappy interface for all of your audio labeling projects.

Entity Extraction
Nested Classification

Fast & Flexible Audio Annotation

Whether you want to do NER or classification, the interface is the same. No need to retrain your workforce.

Classify, Summarize & Transcribe

Label your audio the way you want. Need to classify, summarize, paraphrase, or transcribe? We support all workflows.

Relation & Dialog Toolbox for Audio

Here’s something you don’t see often: label two parts of audio, then create a relation between them.

DICOM Annotation

Full support for DICOM, including single-frame, multi-frame, series, and 3D.
All with the keyboard shortcuts you’re used to, so you feel right at home.

Bounding Box
Nested Classification

3D Labeling Support

Import series of DICOM files with a click, and see your annotations come to life in 3D in real time as you label.

Multiple Layouts

Keep only one view open. Or two, or three. Change the labeling layout as you need, and label the way you want.

Built-In DICOM Anonymizer

Maintaining your data’s privacy should be easy. And with our anonymizer, all it takes it one click to cover sensitive information.

Video Annotation

From SD to full-motion 4K video, Ango Hub offers users the smooth video labeling experience they were waiting for.

Bounding Box
Nested Classification

No Size and Lenght Limit, Lag-Free

Label anything from a single frame to hours of video, from SD to 4K, lag-free and directly from your browser.

Relate, Summarize, Transcribe

Ango Hub offers users more than 20 different ways to label their data, from bounding box to polygon, classification, relation, and more.

Automatic Object Tracking (Beta)

Label a single frame, then let our AI do the work for you. Object Tracking can speed up your workflow by 10x and more.

Label Quality Features

Mark labels you know to be right as benchmark, and Ango Hub will ask annotators to label them again. We compare their labels with your pick and calculate a score, so you know what’s working.

Get everyone on the same page by uploading a PDF with your labeling instructions.

Your workforce will be able to read them right from the platform, without having to switch tabs.

For projects where quality is of the essence, you can assign more than one annotator to the same asset. We then calculate their consensus score, so you can see which labels are the best right away.

Some annotations are so great, it’d be nice if everyone could see them. And now, they can.

Mark a particular edge case or good label as sample, and everyone will see it on their screen.

Get a second pair of eyes on your labels. Reviewers can accept, reject, or fix someone else’s labels. We can also dynamically show them what we think are the worst labels, if you have consensus turned on.

Nothing slows labeling down more than a labeler with a doubt. On Hub, annotators can ask questions directly from their screen. Project managers then get a notification, and can act in real time.

Project Management

See detailed data on everything about your annotators. Who has worked on how many labels, for how long, and how well.

Making sure labelers have no doubts when labeling increases quality. With our issue system, annotators can send questions over to reviewers and project managers, getting instant feedback.

Do you already have labels from a model or a previous labeling job? Import them to Ango Hub and continue where you left off.

If you need to have your labels checked by someone else, you can. Assign as many reviewers as you need, create custom workflows.

Keep your labeling project under control. See how many labels were done each day, how well, and a ton of other metrics.

Service ON-PREM

Own the process end-to-end.

Get set up quickly: installing Ango Hub on your server takes no more than 15 minutes, with Kubernetes and Docker.

Nothing ever leaves your server. Full stop. Get your labeling done completely offline for maximum security.

Since Ango Hub is on your own server, you can integrate it with your other services with the performance you need. Interface with our API.

We optimize Ango Hub Cloud servers’ performance until the last drop. But with Ango Hub On-Prem, the only limit to speed is what your cables can carry.

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