Ango Hub Plugins

Every AI team has their own needs, and no unified data labeling platform can satisfy them all.


This is why Ango Hub prides itself in being the first and only plugin-centric data labeling platform. Something missing? Just activate it as a plugin and go.


Here are the plugins currently available on Ango Hub, with more coming every month.

FrameCut is our agnostic polygon/segmentation tool. It makes the process of annotating easier by several degrees of magnitude, letting deep learning do most of the heavy lifting to obtain a pixel-perfect mask for an object.


It’s simple to use: just draw a box around the object you’d like to label and place one or two clicks to refine the final polygon.


FrameCut supports segmentation and detection, it works for an extremely wide range of objects, and delivers incredibly high efficiency.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a must-have, and of course Ango Hub includes it as well.


With a single click, it detects, transcribes, and localizes the text on an image through bounding boxes. All in the order of mere seconds, for images that would manually take minutes to annotate.


Our OCR implementation works with a myriad of different languages and drastically simplifies document labeling.

AutoDetect is one of those tools that feel like magic the first time you try them. It allows for detection of common objects within a complete image.


The network this tool relies on has been trained on a massive dataset to ensure it can comfortably detect a plethora of different objects.


To use it, simply map your dataset’s classes to the classes of AutoDetect and click on a single button. That’s all.


For common objects, AutoDetect is the fastest AI tool in the arsenal.

Smart Scissors is an interactable, agnostic tool for encapsulating objects within a polygon. It uses cutting-edge computer vision methods to detect object boundaries based on mouse movement.


Using it is intuitive. Start with a point on the boundary of the object, and start dragging the cursor around the object’s shape. Smart Scissors will make sure you draw a tight polygon around your object, no matter you actual accuracy.

As the name suggests, Lung Detector is a specialized tool built for automatically drawing polygons around lungs in chest X-rays.


Once activated, using it is really simple: with a single click, Ango Hub will draw a polygon around the lungs. You’ll then be able to adjust it if needed, of course.

When annotating medical data, protecting patients’ privacy is always the number one priority.


De-identifier completely automates this process. When uploading medical assets, just tick the de-identifier box and all identifying information will be removed, from both metadata and the image itself.