Ango Hub — Features

Ango Hub is one of the most feature-rich data labeling platforms available today.


In this page, we will go through some of the most unique features of the Ango Hub data annotation platform.

Data labeling is, notoriously, one of the slowest processes in the development of ML models. Our AI Assistance tools speed up routine labeling tasks by orders of magnitude, so that you get better labels, faster.


Our AI Assistance tools are not meant to completely replace humans, but to enhance them and to allow them to create more labels in a shorter time.


For more information on AI Assistance tools, visit our AI Assistance page.

Labeled data is used in thousands of different applications.


While most labeling platforms offer the same five or six labeling tools, we are proud to offer nearly 20 in Ango Hub, with more being added every month in collaboration with our customers.


Some of them are: bounding box, rotated bounding box, polygon, polyline, segmentation, text entity, audio entity, PDF entity, and point.


When it comes to classifications, Ango Hub provides radio, checkbox, single dropdown, multiple dropdown, and text answer types. Ango Hub also offers intra-label single relations and group relations.

Labeling medical data requires an entirely different approach to annotation.


The needs, habits, and expectations of medical professionals need to be taken into account. Data is extremely sensitive and regulated, so the way data is handled needs to fit strict legal requirements.

Ango Hub is fully medical-ready, from the UX to its regulatory compliance.


For more information on Ango AI in the medical field, click here.

Every AI team has their own needs, and no unified data labeling platform can satisfy them all.


This is why Ango Hub prides itself in being the first and only plugin-centric data labeling platform. Something missing? Just activate it as a plugin and go.


For more on plugins in Ango Hub, check our Ango Hub Plugins page.

Providing an enterprise-friendly and truly secure data labeling platform that works for you is our utmost priority.


This is why Ango Hub was built from the ground-up to work on your own premises. It takes only 15 minutes to install Ango Hub on your server, using Kubernetes and Rancher.


Our On-Premise customers love the added security, speed, and degree of control installing Ango Hub on-premise provides.

At Ango we know that in the age of AI, a bad label is as critical as a software bug.


This is why Ango Hub is filled to the brim with features to improve the quality of your labels. Among them a real-time issue system, centralized instructions, intra-labeler consensus, a deep label analytics system, a sample label library, and more.


For more information on quality on Ango Hub, visit our Ango Hub page.