Our Mission

Our mission is to provide AI teams with the highest quality labeled data.

What does “ango” mean?

An ango, or kessei, is a Japanese term for a three-month period of intense training for students of Zen, lasting anywhere from 90 to 100 days. During an ango, a student meditates, studies, and works.

Meet Our Team


Co-Founder & COO


Co-Founder & CEO

Sinan Bircan

Full-Stack Developer

Lorenzo Gravina

Sales Executive

Beren Beliz Öztekin

Business Operations Lead

Fatma Öztel

Labeling Operations Lead

Balaj Saleem

Data Scientist

Onur Aydın

Lead Data Scientist

70+ Annotators

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 If you need end-to-end project management and a self-scaling workforce to optimize your ML pipeline with high-quality datasets, you can contact us for detailed information.